Writing Samples

Writing to me is the perfect combination between a truly magical experience and theoretical analysis. It demands both creativity and the ability to step back from the text and treat it like a construction of dramatic events and formats.

The first story I ever wrote was about a love triangle between a pirate, his bisexual girlfriend and a mysterious stranger they met on an island.

I wrote it in 2nd grade. I started writing stories as early as I was able to, because I found it an easier way of getting into a story than reading a book.

Nothing is more fascinating then getting lost in a fictional character, who tries to take over your mind and tells you how to write his or her story. If this happens I know I made a connection and my story is going the right way.

My writing is and will always be character driven. You may give five different characters in five different texts the same problem to deal with, and you will end up with five completely different stories, because every character will react differently.

The characters represent us as human beings. And I find it far more interesting to show what they go through on the example of a specific dramatic device, than focusing on the dramatic device itself. I write about people, not about events.

Samples of my work