Film Samples

It is nice for all of us at the end of a film to agree in unity about good and bad. It gives us a feeling of hope, that we can make the world a better place if we only stick together and walk around with our eyes open.

But what about the things that we all have already agreed on are bad? Are they really? Is it that easy to judge? And are our heroes really that heroic? There is no good and evil when it comes down to the individual. Behind every action in the world there is a complex mind.

I am not on a mission to show people the truth. Who am I to decide what the truth is?

I rather tell stories about people, that I feel are left out, overlooked or misunderstood in this world because they fall into a gap between conventions. I tell stories that do not give you the reassurance that at the end we will all agree. In the real world things are hardly ever obvious, there is always a second opinion and a different angle and while we look at what is happening from a new angle, the old one will not necessarily disappear.

I might show you something in a way you have not looked at it before, but if you need to know good and bad at the end to feel better, it will be up to yourself to do the judging.

Samples of my work