Audio Samples

Audio is a very rewarding and fascinating medium. Characters in a space without visual and only the audio as a guide for your imagination is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to let their own fantasy get involved and help creating the world the story is set in. Everything depends on the way the actors reads their part, the background music and the defined noises that create the space.

It is surprising to realise that in the 21st Century this medium is not yet explored to it’s full potential.

My audio work I call deliberately AUDIO PLAY, not RADIO PLAY, not SOUND WORK or anything else. Different to the typical radio play it may well be complicated in it’s production similar to a film with very particular locations, characters and action. It is not an hour of two voices philosophising in unnaturally long dialogues with the occasional clatter of cutlery. It might be a secret chase at night with torches: a young girl, living in a medieval town, follows a man into a tunnel under the ground where she witnesses a strange, top secret, scientific experiment. This can be beautifully portrayed in audio!

An audio play is nothing else but a film, relying on the acoustics as much as film does on the visual. And as much as film uses special visual effects to create a stylised, magical or atmospheric place, audio has the potential to do the same. And this is what I focus my audio work on - to make audio films or therefore audio plays.

Samples of my work